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Student Resources

Top Ten Things You Should Know About Blackboard (PDF)
Creating a Blackboard Discussion Board Thread (PDF)

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  1. How do I access Blackboard?

    Log in to the My.Fordham University Portal using your AccessIT ID.  Click on the Blackboard icon on the top right of the screen.  If prompted, re-enter your AccessIT ID username and password.
  2. I cannot log in to Blackboard using my AccessIT ID. What should I do?

    If you think you have forgotten your password, or need to reset it, click on the "Forgot Password?" link located on the My.Fordham University Portal page.  If you cannot reset your AccessIT ID and log in, call IT Customer Care at 718-817-3999 for assistance.


  1. How do I find out if my course has a Blackboard site?

    The degree to which Blackboard is used in a course varies, it depends upon the instructor. For example, instructors may supplement an on-campus class by putting their syllabus and handouts on their course sites.  To see if your course has a Blackboard site, login to Blackboard and look at the courses listed in the "My Courses" module.
  2. My Blackboard courses say "unavailable". What do I do?

    This is because the instructor has not made their course available. Instructors are responsible for making their courses available. If your instructor is planning on using blackboard, and does not know how to make their course available, please have him/her contact blackboard for assistance or 718-817-2289.
  3. I am not receiving emails my instructor sends me from Blackboard. What is wrong?

    Some e-mail systems may flag your e-mail as spam, and the individual would then have to look into their spam filter to see if your e-mail was sent there. You can also check your spam filter to see if the e-mails were sent there, and you can individually make a system rule to accept your messages. Also, please make sure your instructor is sending emails not messages.
  4. How do I change my email on Blackboard?

    Your Blackboard account must be linked to your Fordham email account for security reasons. 
  5. I lost access to a course site. What do I do?

    Contact your instructor and ask him/her to make the course available.
  6. When do course sites become unavailable to students?

    It is up to the instructor when to make the course available/unavailable, so you will need to contact your instructor to find this out. Old courses are deleted from the system after 3 years.
  7. How do I remove course sites from my Blackboardcourse list? 

    Courses cannot be manually deleted from blackboard but will be removed from the system. In order to customize the list of courses that are displayed on your Welcome screen, just click on the little gear icon on the "My Courses" module and uncheck the boxes of the courses you do not want displayed in the first column.
  8. How do I access my course on Blackboard?

    Once you have logged into blackboard, you will see courses that are listed as available under your "My Courses" list.

    To enter into the course, you must click on the specific course's link". This is where you can obtain materials that your instructor may have provided.
  9. What browser should I use?

    Blackboard is accessible via most major web browsers. This includes Firefox for Windows and Mac OS, Internet Explorer for Windows, and Safari for Mac OS.


  1. I cannot open files posted on Blackboard. How can I access them?  

    You should your browser and plug-ins by clicking on the "Test Broswer" button on the top right of the welcome screen.
  2. How do I turn on my Visual Text Box Editor?

    If you cannot see the text box editor or are missing rows, you will need to update your java. You can do this by going to


  1. I click the play button in the QuickTime player and nothing happens. Why not?

    You need to install or update your Quicktime plugin by going to:
    You should also make sure your Java is updated:
  2. A dialog box tells me that a script is slow or "unresponsive." Should I click Continue or Stop Script?

    Press Continue or Refresh the page.


  1. What do students need to know about taking tests?

    Do not wait until the last second to take a test. If something goes wrong there may not be enough time resolve the issue and allow you to complete it.

    Close down other programs running on the computer. Avoid distraction; you should focus only on the quiz until it is finished.

    Do not resize or refresh your screen after loading the quiz. Make sure it is the size you want before going into the test.

    When entering the test, only click the link once. Sometimes it takes a while to load the quiz (give it at least a full minute). If, after clicking once, nothing happens for a while, contact your instructor immediately. Do not keep clicking. If you click twice, then you will get a message saying you already took the test and you will not be able to get in again.

    Do not use the back and forward buttons on the Internet browser to move to and from the test.

    Click on the Save button after answering each question.

    Do not click on the Submit button until you are done taking the test.
  2. How do I access a copy of a test after I have taken it?

    Your instructor must enable the ability for students to access copies of a completed test in Blackboard. If this is the case, you can retrieve a copy of a completed test by clicking on the Tools button, selecting the "My Grades" option, and then clicking on the numerical score (i.e., on the actual number) received for the particular test you would liketo view. Clicking on that score will display the completed test.


  1. How do I access my grades in Blackboard? 

    You can view your grades by clicking on "My Grades" which is listed under the "Tools" section on the welcome screen after you log in.


  1. How do I use the Discussion Board? 

    On the Discussion Board, you create threads to reply to the Forums.

    You are supposed to click into the Forum of choice, and then once in the forum, click on the Thread button  to reply. If your instructor has created the 1st thread and has not allowed other to create threads, simply click on the instructor's post and hit reply.

Blackboard Organizations

  1. I don't see my organization on my Blackboard Desktop. How doI access it?

    Click on your "Organization" tab, or view them from the "My Organizations" module.


  1. Where can I go for more help with Blackboard?

    Contact your instructor if you have a question about content on blackboard. For technical questions not answered by these FAQs send an email to from your fordham email account.

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