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Gmail Tips

Gmail Tips:

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General Gmail Tips:

 Gmail Search  Tricks you can use when searching for specific messages from certain people or properties.

 New Compose Learn how to use Gmail's new compose window that allows for multiple messages at once.  

Google Calendar  

Notifications and reminders:
Let your calendar send you email and pop-up notifications about upcoming events and event changes.

View coworker's calendar:
Learn how to request access to a coworker's calendar.


Share google calendars:
Control who has access to view and edit your calendar events.

Drag & drop labels:
Apply one or more labels to a message to better organize your inbox.


More about labels:
Learn about the Labels tab in your settings and create new labels to help keep your inbox coordinated.

Top Gmail Labs:

A Gmail Lab is an experimental feature/ application that users can enable to add key business functionality to their Inboxes.

Unread Message Icon
Install this lab so that you can easily tell how many unread messages are in your inbox without browsing to your Gmail tab.
Undo Send
This lab allows you to unsend a message you may have mistakenly sent.
Preview Pane Allows you to change the way you view your mail.
Multiple Inboxes Change the way you view and sort your inbox with the multiple inboxes lab.  
Canned Responses Save time by creating a saved response or signature that you use often in your emails.
Apps Search Turn your gmail search box into a universal search across mail, docs, and sites.  

How to Save Time in Gmail:

Filters Learn how to create filters that will automatically sort your mail for you.  
Keyboard Shortcuts  
Learn gmail keyboard shortcuts to help save time on creating & sending messages.

Priority Inbox Organize your inbox and allow gmail to learn based on your behavior what is important in order to cut clutter.
Priority & Inbox Zero Learn about inbox zero theory and priority inbox in order to better understand gmail.

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