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About Fordham Email

About Fordham email

Your Fordham Gmail account serves as the official means of communication between you and Fordham University.

You can access your account from anywhere in the world by going to the Portal:

  • Log in using your Access IT ID username and password.

What is an AccessIT ID?
Your AccessIT ID is your electronic identity for logging into Fordham University online services and web applications, including the University Portal (, the wireless network, network based file storage (MyFiles), Blackboard, VPN, Fordham NAC, and FACTS (the Fordham IT Knowledge Base).

Your AccessIT ID is the part of your Fordham email address preceding the “@” symbol.  For example, if your AccessIT ID is dd1234, then your email address at Fordham would be:

If you don't have an AccessIT ID, go to and click the "Click Here to claim your AccessIT ID and set your password" link in the First Time Users box. If you need assistance with setting your AccessIT ID and password, please call IT Customer Care at 718.817.3999.

Faculty and Staff Email

Gmail is the Fordham Mail solution for University faculty and staff.  Email accounts are automatically created once a new employee has been entered into Banner HR or an Electronic Access Request has been processed in Human Resources.  You can access your email via the web at or from the Gmail icon on the Employee tab at

Student Email

Fordham provides all students with email accounts powered by Google.  Students receive an email account 24 hours after the University has received confirmation of their attending Fordham University.
upon enrollment, all students are provided with an e-mail account.
  • All electronic communications from Academic and Administrative offices including the Library will be sent to your Fordham Gmail account.
  • In addition, your Fordham Gmail account is an easy way for you to quickly and efficiently correspond with your professors and other University personnel.

If you need further assistance, please contact IT Customer Care at 718-817-3999 or via e-mail to

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