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Wireless Policy

Wireless networks use a finite and shared part of the radio spectrum.  To ensure that all Users of the IT Resources have fair access to the University’s wireless networks, the University will regulate this Resource.  Because the wireless infrastructure differs from the wired network, certain limits on bandwidth will be maintained.  Accordingly, the University reserves the right to limit and restrict access to the wireless airspace on campus.

In order to ensure such reliable access to the wireless network, air space must be free of devices that could cause interference.  The airspace on the University campus will be monitored for interfering devices.  Accordingly, no User, or other community member, may install their own wireless access point, or any other device that interferes with the wireless-related IT Resources, on any University campus.  Should any such device be found, the University will notify the party of the issues concerned with the use of that device and require it to be removed and/or shut down.

The User Responsibilities and Statement of Prohibited Uses and other obligations and prohibitions found elsewhere in this IT Policy, which govern the wired network portion of the IT Resources, also apply to the wireless network portion.  Violations shall be handled in keeping with the guidelines set forth in the IT Policy and other applicable statutes and policies.

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