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Internet Usage

Internet Usage Policy

Social networking (e.g. maintaining an account or presence on the likes of Facebook, MySpace, etc.) and the posting of web-logs (“blogs”) are increasingly popular forms of Internet usage.  The University recognizes social networking and blogging as important means of self-expression and relationship networking.  Moreover, the University notes the educational and professional benefits of both.

Nonetheless, Users who use social networking and blogs should be aware of certain issues.  Most social networking pages and blogs can be viewed, or even added to, by any User or third party having access to the Internet.  Accordingly, the University cautions each User against posting Content that could divulge the User’s private details or expose the User to embarrassment or ridicule.  The University has no control over such potential disclosures by Users and, therefore, the University is not responsible for any such dissemination of private information.

The University reminds Users that, regardless of any efforts to the contrary, Users may be identified as members of the University community and therefore associated by third parties with the University.  Accordingly, Users should remember that they are representatives of the University and should therefore comport themselves in accordance with the principles and standards of the University.

Moreover, every User should bear in mind that a potential employer, colleague, or other important business relation may review the User’s posted Content anywhere on the Internet that is publicly accessible.  As such, no User should falsely state or exaggerate qualifications, accomplishments, affiliations, or other characteristics of either the User or the University.

Users should refrain from posting to social networks, blogs, or any other Internet site, any Content that may infringe any intellectual or other property rights of any other User or third party.  The University disclaims any liability to User for User’s posting or submission of Content on the Internet, through use of the IT Resources, regardless of type of action brought against User.

Lastly, the University notes that it does not control the various third-party websites and other Internet destinations that Users access.  Accordingly, the University expressly disclaims any liability to Users resulting from any damage to any computing resources owned or otherwise controlled by Users including, but not limited to, hardware, software, or any peripherals.

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