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Hosting Policy

“Hosting” is defined as providing network access to a site, or network accessible location, which provides distribution of Content.  Hosting of such distribution sites for entities other than University units, University affiliates, or registered student organizations (e.g., professional associations, consortiums, or journals) may be provided on University servers only when the entity has a relationship with the University that supports the University’s teaching, research, or service mission.  Such a relationship may be demonstrated by one or more of the following:

  1. The entity is an organization of which the University itself is a member;
  2. The entity is an organization of which a faculty or staff member is a member, and the appropriate University vice president having authority approves the hosting as being in support of the University’s teaching, research, or service mission; and/or
  3. The University has, or enters into, an authorized contractual relationship for hosting the entity’s site.

The hosting of other distribution sites on or through the IT Resources by any User is strictly prohibited unless expressly authorized in writing by the University.  This Hosting Policy, as part of the IT Policy, particularly applies to the hosting on or through the University’s IT Resources of any website or other site or network access point accessed by other Users, or third parties from outside of the University community, which serves to distribute any Content through any number of networking protocols.

Thus, User setup and maintenance of distribution access points on the IT Resources that employ such protocols are violations of the IT Policy, unless otherwise provided for above.  Such protocols include, but are not limited to, HyperText Transfer Protocol, File Transfer Protocol, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, Internet Relay Chat Protocol, BitTorrent, or any other application layer protocols, now known or devised at anytime, hereafter used to distribute Content, including the “secure” variations thereof.

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