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E-Mail Retention

E-mail Retention Policy

Effective Date
August 1, 2012

The University’s E-mail Retention Policy and Procedure (hereinafter the “Policy”) has been developed to proscribe the amount of time that e-mail messages are archived based on regulatory requirements as well as the technical means deployed by the University’s Information Technology (hereinafter “IT”) Department.

This Policy applies to Fordham’s Gmail services for staff, faculty, authorized guests, students and alumni.
  • Archiving is enabled on Fordham’s Gmail services for faculty, staff, authorized guests, students and alumni. All e-mails that are sent or received via Fordham’s Gmail servers are retained for a period of 8 years in an archive system. The archive system operates on an instantaneous basis when any e-mail is communicated through Gmail. Any e-mails that are over eight years old will be automatically deleted by the archival system. In the event that the University is legally obligated to preserve e-mails, the University will suspend deletion of messages by the archive system until such time as the legal obligation no longer applies.
  • Individuals may save copies of e-mail and attachments before the retention period expires by transferring them to other electronic environments and media and/or by copying them on paper. Originators and recipients of e-mail are responsible for identifying and saving documents that must be retained in order to comply with federal, state, or local laws, University Policies, or with other legal obligations or requirements. Individuals should not rely on the archive system for any purpose including, but not limited to, the individual’s need or desire to retain, access, or otherwise preserve any e-mail or related contents or attachments.
  • E-mail usage must be in compliance with the Acceptable Use Policy of the University and in particular the E-mail Usage section of that policy.

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