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E-mail Policy

Any User’s use of the University’s e-mail system, like all of the IT Resources, is to be used only in support of our educational, research, and administrative mission and must be in conformity with the general IT Policy and compliant with all applicable law.  Accordingly, Users must use this resource in an efficient, effective, ethical, and lawful manner.  E-mail communications should reflect, rather than undermine, the University’s reputation and standard of excellence.  Violation of the E-mail Policy may result in sanctions.

In addition to the User’s obligation to adhere to the Anti-Spam Policy, Users are prohibited from sending mass or bulk e-mails or messages to other Users if such e-mails or messages do not further the University’s goals, interests, or educational mission.  For the purposes of this policy, “mass” or “bulk” e-mails or messages include, but are not limited to, any such e-mail or message that is sent to:

  • More than 50 recipients;
  • Any number of undisclosed recipients;
  • One or more pre-defined group of e-mail addresses or list addresses which distribute(s) the e-mail or message to all Users within the group(s); and
  • Any number of recipients if the identity of the sender is undisclosed or masked.

All network and e-mail accounts maintained on and through the IT Resources are the sole property of the University.  The University has the right, but not the obligation, to monitor any e-mail account for legitimate business reasons.  Reasons for review include, but are not limited to:
  • Reasonable suspicion of a violation of the IT Policy or any other rule, law, or property right of another User or third party;
  • Investigation of system problems;
  • Litigation or anticipated litigation; or
  • Any other technical or legal obligation or responsibility.

To the greatest extent possible, the University will attempt to preserve the privacy of any User whose e-mail account is accessed or monitored.  However, Users of the University’s e-mail system must understand that all communications created, received, archived, or backed-up through the IT Resources may be subject to requests for public disclosure.  Accordingly, Users should have no absolute expectation of privacy or confidentiality for data, documents, messages, and other materials stored or transmitted on or through the IT Resources, including via e-mail accounts.

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