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Fordham IT Policies & Executive Directives

IT Policies

VP Memoranda on IT Services

Fordham IT Policies & Executive directives

The Information Technology ("IT") resources and services of Fordham University are provided for the advancement of the University's educational, research, and service objectives. They are offered primarily to facilitate the University's academic and business purposes. Any access or use of IT resources and services that interferes, interrupts, or conflicts with these purposes is not acceptable.

User eligibility to access and use IT resources is governed by IT Policies and VP Memoranda on Information Technology Services, which are published and routinely updated on this site:

IT Policies provide notice of the University's expectations and guidelines to all who use and manage IT resources and services (including but not limited to computing, networking, communications and telecommunications systems, infrastructure, hardware, software, data, databases, personnel, procedures, and physical facilities). The University will periodically update these policies to reflect the constantly evolving technology that powers Fordham's information services.

VP Memoranda on Information Technology Services provide additional guidance on the application of existing IT Policies, the procedures to implement those policies, and on the implications of policies emerging in response to new or unforeseen needs of the users of Fordham's information services.  The VP/CIO issues these memoranda as needed. 

By accessing and using the University’s IT resources, each User represents and acknowledges that he or she has checked and read these IT policy statements and VP memoranda on a regular basis so as to be informed of any amendments and revisions.  Any User not agreeing to check these IT policy statements and memoranda for revisions on a regular basis may not use the IT Resources.

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