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The Fordham IT Laureate Program


"The Laureate Program is a tangible expression of Fordham IT’s commitment to the continuous development of its professional staff.  Especially noteworthy is the Program’s approach to individual and group learning that recognizes the value of its participants’ experiences, and of the insights that can emerge from the sharing of those experiences with each other.  Working with the Laureates has been a genuine pleasure and a valuable learning experience for me as well, both personally and professionally.  The high energy and intelligence each of them brought to the process is the main reason for the Program’s success to date.  No less impressive has been the Laureates’ application of the process of reflective inquiry to a wide range of management issues and conundrums, which clearly enhanced their individual and collective contributions to Fordham IT’s effectiveness in serving the University community."

~Joe Sclafani
  "The Laureate program really opened some new ways of thinking to me. It was a great learning experience and I enjoyed the candid and frank discussions that the group participated in during our meetings together. I personally benefited from the program and highly recommend it to all within Fordham IT. "

~Silvio Balzano
"By illuminating my strengths and challenges, the Laureate Program has been a massive catalyst for my growth, both professionally and personally."

~Calvin  Byer
"The IT Laureate Program is an experience that I feel every IT professional should participate in at some point in their career.  I learned that if you want to make change, then you have to start with yourself.  It is not easy to change someone else, but if you work on yourself, then maybe you can serve as the catalyst for positive change in others.  This then leads to productive dialogues and collaborations between colleagues and opportunities for coworkers to work together as a cohesive unit."

~Marcos Carrasco
"My participation in the Laureate program was everything I thought it would be and more.  The techniques learned proved to be valuable in my professional, as well as personal life."

~Melissa Forston
 "The skills I've learned and the partnerships I've built are immeasurable. A paradigm shift will only occur with leaders willing to accept change in themselves.
Changes aren't permanent, but change is."

~Jeffrey Haynes
"This has been more of a personal journey for me than a professional one.  Sharing experiences, successes, and challenges with my colleagues in a confidential environment has been invaluable.  The knowledge and skills acquired will continue to help me make a positive contribution to the University. I would encourage everyone to seize this wonderful opportunity and participate in the program."

~Shabana Pathan
"The Laureate program was able to show me the human side of business processes.  It awakens your positive thinking within you, that perhaps in one way or another you are unable to exercise."

~Ramon Perez
"The Laureate program allowed the cohort to discuss management topics in a cohesive and positive fashion. Personally participating in the program allowed me to identify professional and personal traits that I was not conscious of in the past. It was an invaluable experience that I look forward to continuing as a Laureate alum."

~Marlyn Soto





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