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The Office of the Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Welcome to the Office of the Vice President and Chief Information Officer.  We are responsible for developing and providing information technology services that contribute to the achievement of the University's strategic goals that were outlined in its strategic plan, Toward 2016.

We work in close collaboration with students, faculty, trustees and the University’s business offices to identify the most efficient and effective technology initiatives that touch every corner of the University's academic and administrative functions.  Over the past four years this collaboration has been focused on the introduction of a new enterprise-wide infrastructure that will serve as a platform for excellence that will foster the continued evolution of information technology services that contribute to the University's position as a premier educational institution.


Looking forward, we anticipate shifting our attention to consolidating and institutionalizing the University's investments in its new enterprise infrastructure in each of six broad areas:

Anytime, Anywhere, Anyhow Access – providing the University community with an environment that allows secure and easy access to a wide range of information technologies designed to facilitate the achievement of the university's educational mission.

Teaching, Learning, and Research – providing faculty with the technology tools and support they need to enrich their classroom experience, and advance their research.

Running the Business – providing enterprise applications for management that provide timely, accurate information for sound decision-making and efficient day-to-day operations.

Security & Risk Management – developing policy, tools, techniques, and processes to protect the University's information and technology assets from outsiders and unauthorized uses, as well as providing a framework for complying with federal and local laws and regulations.

Technology Infrastructure – providing and maintaining the technology infrastructure that serves as the backbone of the University's information technology services. 

Communications, Collaboration & Community Outreach – proactively working with University management and community to assure that IT deliverables and services meet their expectations.

Additional information about Fordham IT's current activities, its structure and staffing, and its plans for the future can be found through our Fordham IT home page.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of assistance in any way.


Frank J. Sirianni, Ph.D.
Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Office of the Vice President and CIO
Fordham University
Dealy Hall, Room 118
441 E Fordham Rd
Bronx, NY 10458

Frank J. Sirianni, Ph.D.
Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Betty A Butler 
Director of IT Operations Management
Joan McGrane
IT Business Services Administrator
Phone: 718.817.0566
Fax: 718.817.5775

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