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Strategic Program Office

Strategic Program Office

The Strategic Program Office has various responsibilities in the areas of communications, customer service, enterprise portfolio & project management, and integrated IT strategy and planning, which includes: strategic and annual planning, policy and standards, and overall performance management.

Customer Relations & Student Technology Services
Customer Relations is committed to leading the Fordham IT organization in creating a culture of customer service. They are dedicated to empowering and developing relationships with our constituents, building customer loyalty, and serving the University with individual pride and Fordham spirit. As a new initiative and strategic goal, Customer Service is focused on developing programs to convert Fordham community members into satisfied constituents. Student Technology Services is a reference to assist in locating and accessing various technology resources and services available at Fordham University.

Enterprise Program Management
Project Management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques in managing project tasks to meet academic and business requirements. It is accomplished through the application and integration of the project management processes, such as initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing.

The Fordham Project Management Framework [FPMF] was developed using best practices and resulting materials from the University's Enterprise Resource Planning program [Confirmare] as a baseline and then leveraging industry standards from the Project Management Institute [PMI]. The FPMF is a work in progress. Fordham's project management initiative is designed to:

  • Create a foundation for consistent project success throughout Fordham IT by developing a strong and pervasive project management discipline across teams
  • Guide key projects to a successful conclusion, and
  • Develop project management as a core competency

Integrated Strategy & Planning
This area includes management of the Fordham IT performance management program, which consists of annual performance and development plans for each IT staff member as well as periodic reviews to ensure team members are on track with stated goals.  Also in this area are the quarterly Board reports and Annual Report.  These two processes are linked through our strategic initiatives, which are derived from overall University strategic initiatives.
This area also includes:
  • Leading innovation with IT members to develop new opportunities for growth
  • Cultivating and expanding relationships with academic and business partners
  • Coordinating IT disciplinary and departmental efforts
  • Establishing of IT policies, guidelines, and standards

IT Communications
IT Communications is responsible for creating meaningful, well-written, organized, easy-to-understand and useful communications, which are designed to a) keep IT staff informed about what is happening within IT and within the university, and b) keep the university community aware of IT initiatives. Goals include building awareness and educating the community on IT initiatives; promoting IT throughout the university; and creating channels of conversation about Information Technology.

IT Customer Care
The IT Help Desk along with the IT Customer Care Centers, which are located on both the Rose Hill and Lincoln Center campuses, provide support and assistance to the entire Fordham community for all technological issues related to Fordham IT services. These services include, email, network connectivity (both wired and wireless), virus and spyware infections and prevention, software and hardware installations and malfunctions, and telephone and fax line requests. They can also assist you with hardware problems on your Dell, HP, Apple computers, as long as they are still under manufacture's warranty.

For more information, please contact:

Katherine S. Egan
Executive Director, SPO

Dealy Hall 118

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