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Software Services & Information Architecture

Software Services & Information Architecture (SSIA)

SSIA provides exceptional service to assist the University community in attaining high productivity and reaching its goals.  We are comprised of the Software and Information Services, Office of Internet Services, and Database Administration.

Business Intelligence creates an environment which will support decision-making across the University by creating a BI center of Excellence using best practices and proven processes.  

Software and Information Services provides Business Analysts that will work with you to analyze issues and bottlenecks and develop optimal solutions leading to the best results.  We will collaborate with your department on improving business processes, such that we can reach higher levels of productivity and take better advantage of our ERP systems.
We also provide programming expertise to implement application specific solutions.  Our team manages the University’s Master Data Management system which ensures complete data integration and enables us to maintain our data quality standards.
The Office of Internet Services manages the University’s web content management system, making it easy for departments to create and maintain their own sites.  OIS also develops web-enabled database applications to support administrative and research applications.  Mobile applications and access to and integration with many social networking sites can be facilitated through this office as well.
Database Administration oversees all University data.  The DBA group ensures all University data is managed and housed within highly available database systems, and ensures that all systems are maintained to the tightest industry standards.  They also manage data security and access.
SSIA is always available to provide advice and the latest information on new technologies.  We can help you understand how to take advantage of them and how to integrate them into our environment in a timely manner.

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