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Our Mission

We are committed to supporting and enhancing Fordham University's core missions of education, research, and service through the effective management and use of information technology resources.

We are dedicated to providing Fordham University with the technology services it needs to fulfill its commitment to research and education of the highest quality.

We anticipate and meet the information technology needs of alumni, students, faculty, and staff as they pursue their educational and professional goals.

We collaborate with our clients in our design, development, and maintenance of an effective, flexible, and reliable technology infrastructure, and in our provision of technology tools and training support that meet their evolving needs.

We respect and value the input, opinions and importance of all members of the Fordham University community.

We foster the personal growth and professional excellence of the entire Fordham IT staff.

Our Vision

Our vision for information technology is to create an environment where all students, faculty and staff have easy access to the information technology resources and information they need, and to provide an information technology infrastructure that supports the institutional goals identified in Toward 2016... 

  • We are committed to investing in technology to support our mission and to creating an information technology "baseline" that embraces the diversity and innovation that will allow Fordham to become preeminent among Catholic institutions.
  • Since we recognize that this baseline will be a moving target, we are committed to reviewing our IT plans on a regular basis to ensure that we are not falling behind.

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