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Echo 360 - Lecture Capture System

ECHO 360 is the University's Lecture Capture System.  It is available in the following rooms:

Rose Hill
Dealy Hall: 201, E-205 and 301
Faculty Memorial Hall: 314 and 320
Hughes Hall: C04A, C04B, 104, 208, 212, 307, 313
Keating Hall: 219

Lincoln Center
305, 307, 309 and 311

Main Building

To set up your account and schedule a recording*, please click here
(please note: You must sign in using your Fordham G-mail Account)

This is only to schedule your echo360 recording. 
To Reserve the room, please contact the registrar office.

Tips and more information about using Lecture Capture in your classroom can be found on our RESOURCES page. 


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