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What We Do

Production Services Department employs disc-to-tape and disc-to-disc backup technology for daily backup tasks at Rose Hill, Lincoln Center, and 888 7th Avenue.

Backup Schedule
The Production Services Department maintains information regarding its backup schedule for those with appropriate privileges to review.

Filling Out Monitoring Request Form:
Login to Magic Help desk Application ( BMC Service Desk Express). On the opening page, left column, choose Incidents. When the ticket form opens, choose Actions from the top bar and the choice Create Incident From Recurring (H) will be available. Choosing this item will bring up a SEARCH form. Type mon in this search field. Pick the monitoring form. Many fields  will automatically  be filled in within the form The body of the form will provide direction in filling in the remaining information required for initiating monitoring of the device/system. Saving the ticket will assign it to the proper queue (Operations). You will receive confirmation when monitoring has been set up.


We administer laser printing capacity at Rose Hill and Lincoln Center supporting Enrollment, Financial Aid, Human Resources, and Finance Departments.

Restore of Files

All restores of files are to be requested via Help Desk Magic ticketing. Please call IT Customer Care at 718-817-3999.

Server/System/device Monitoring Requests:
Monitoring of any of the above requires a request that is initiated through Magic Help Desk ticket. One may call IT Customer Care (ext. 3999) or fill out the appropriate form which can be accessed through the Magic Help Desk client.

Special Requests

We are always available to our users for special requests. Please call 718-817-1400 for details. Our staff will be happy to field your request. 

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