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What Ralph Ellison Can Teach Us about Trayvon Martin, by Dennis Tyler

What Ralph Ellison Can Teach Us about Trayvon Martin

"As a professor of English, I am wont to use literature to make sense of the world, so, in the aftermath of the Zimmerman verdict, Ellison’s novel was essential reading. I returned to Invisible Man not only to understand what might have been in Zimmerman’s mind as he identified, pursued, shot, and killed Trayvon Martin on that rainy night in Sanford, Florida, but also to come to grips with the particular challenge facing the all-female jury who, in the absence of Trayvon Martin’s version of events, relied on the evidence presented at trial as well as their imaginations to fill in the gaps of Zimmerman’s story."

Published on The Feminist Wire on September 24, 2013. Click on the link to read the entire column.

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