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Submission Guidelines

OpEd Page Submission Guidelines

Fordham University faculty members are invited to submit opinion pieces on any subject for publication on the OpEd Page. We intend the page to be a showcase for our faculty’s depth and diversity of expertise, and articles which draw heavily upon faculty members’ research will be given first consideration. Submissions may be previously published (if so, please include date and name of publication, and if possible, Web link, with submission).

What We’re Looking For

Writing with a definite point of view, preferably from a faculty member’s area of expertise. The pieces should be written for a popular (non-academic) audience with clarity and concision, and a minimum of jargon. We strongly prefer pieces under 1,000 words.

What We’re Not Looking For

Scholarly research articles, fiction, or poetry. We’re likewise not seeking news nor feature articles: submissions should be the kind of writing that would appear at home on the opinion page of a newspaper.

The OpEd Page is a University publication, and as such the editors reserve the right to decline submissions that do not meet our editorial needs.

Submissions should be addressed to:

Bob Howe

(Electronic submissions are strongly encouraged)


Bob Howe
Fordham University
888 Seventh Avenue, 8th Floor
New York, NY 10019
(212) 636-6538

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