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Legal Scholar Parses Second Amendment
Interpretations Through History

The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution is only 27 words long, but it has provided Nicholas J. Johnson a lifetime of work


Psychology Professor Plumbs Settings that
Affect Adolescent Development

What kids learn in school comes from more than just the classroom.
MAccording to Joshua Brown, Ph.D., schools comprise multiple settings, or “micro-contexts,” that children encounter through the school day, and together these can affect their school experiences and, hence, personal development.


Researcher Unearths Role of Geologists in
Modern Chinese History

in modern China, geologists, with their intimate knowledge of the land, played a large role in literally “unearthing the nation” and developing its new identity.
M“They saw geology as the place to take a stand about the Chinese ability to know its own land, and its own nation,” said Grace Shen, Ph.D., assistant professor of history and a researcher of geology and modern China.



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