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Marriage Education Movement
Defies Easy Labels, Scholar Finds

Orit Avishai was well on her way to becoming a law professor when
she found her true calling.


Historian Uncovers a Quiet Fight
Against Racial Injustice

Martin Luther King Jr., the Montgomery bus boycott, the sit-ins and marches that swept the South in the 1950s and 60s: For anyone who has taken a course in U.S. history, these images typify the civil rights movement.
MNevertheless, R. Bentley Anderson, S.J., is quick to point out that a little-recognized faction of the movement was making quiet attempts to end racial segregation more than a decade earlier.


Journalism’s Role as “Fourth Estate”
Gets Boost from Communications Professor

If Watergate happened today, would anyone find out?
MGiven the current state of the news industry—newspapers take in half the revenue they earned 20 years ago—the answer is not so obvious. And that worries Beth Knobel, Ph.D., assistant professor of communication and media studies.



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