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Exploring the Shapes of Spaces and Spaces of Shapes

Donut, bagel, pretzel. Different flavors or different shapes? Now imagine trying to describe those shapes without using words like “round” or “cylindrical,” but with mathematical equations.
MThat’s the bread and butter of Ian Morrison, Ph.D., professor of mathematics.


Breaking Ranks: Lauri Goldkind’s Scholarship
Storms the Boardroom

“If you strip away the pieces of fundraising that are industry specific, at the end of the day it boils down to how well you communicate what you are doing,” said Lauri Goldkind, Ph.D., assistant professor in the Graduate School of Social Service (GSS). “If can’t communicate why your program is special, then it is sunk.”


The Art of Negotiating Curves

The main office at the Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education (GRE) was unusually serene during the height of a steamy summer.
MWith many faculty and students away, C. Colt Anderson, Ph.D., who on July 15 marked one year since becoming dean of the school, had a rare moment to reflect.




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