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Fordham's EMBA Moves Up in Financial Times Rankings


Fordham’s EMBA Moves Up in Financial Times Rankings

Fordham’s Graduate School of Business Administration’s Executive MBA program has been ranked No. 66 worldwide by the Financial Times. The move represents a move up from last year’s No. 72 position.

The EMBA program has been ranked by The Wall Street Journal, U.S. News & World Report and CEO Magazine. It is intended for candidates with at least seven years of professional experience, and features a weekend course schedule and a curriculum that is global in scope.

“The FT is a premier global ranking for EMBA,” said Francis Petit, Ed.D., associate dean for executive programs at GBA. “We are happy to maintain and improve our position, as there’s a lot of variability in this ranking among other schools.”

Petit noted Fordham’s strong stand-alone showing: Many of the schools ranked were paired with other international institutions, with relatively few single-school programs making the grade.

Petit said a concerted effort was made by Program Associate Mary Kate Donato to champion faculty publications, as well as student’s return on investment. He noted that the cohort that was surveyed was the Class of 2010, which he called a “very spirited group.”

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