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Decrypting Bobby Fischer:
Professor Brings to Light the Darker Side of Genius

The story of Bobby Fischer has for decades garnered international intrigue.
MAt 15, Fischer became the youngest chess grandmaster in the world. To Cold War-era Americans, Fischer’s victory in 1958 over the reigning eastern European champions rendered him a national hero, resulting in accolades like “genius” and “boy wonder.” His 1972 capture of the World Championship from Boris Spassky of the USSR is still considered to be the most widely watched chess match in history.
MBut over time, Fischer’s reclusive and increasingly bizarre behavior alienated him


Business Professor Promotes Effective Communication

For every style of communication and decision-making available to people, there are plenty of obstacles to their effectiveness, especially when it comes to teams working on projects.
MMeghann L. Drury, Ph.D., assistant professor of communications and media management in the Fordham Schools of Business, is devoted to identifying and finding solutions to those obstacles.


Researcher Targets HPV Virus by
Delving Deep Inside an Infected Cell

In a lab at Larkin Hall, within a sealed chamber, a deadly virus enters a cultured human cell and starts to work its way toward the nucleus.
MIf it follows the usual pattern of viral infections, it will eventually take over the cell, turning it into an engine for making more viruses and infecting other cells.
MExcept it doesn’t.
MThe virus stalls. The infection stops and the cell survives.



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