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Getting Clear on Rights and Rules:
The Intersection of Law and Philosophy

If a tree falls on you in the woods and nobody sees it, have you been wronged?
MYou might have been harmed, but you would probably not accuse the tree of violating your human rights by falling over and crushing you. Unless, that is, you believe that rights are non-relational—then you might have some trouble getting the tree off the hook.
MThese are the kind of puzzles on which Michael Baur, Ph.D., a lawyer, an associate professor of philosophy, and an adjunct professor at Fordham School of Law, is an expert.


Chasing Perfection:
Renaissance Relevance in the 21st Century

Chivalric and epic poems of the Renaissance might seem to have little to do with contemporary culture, but Alessandro Polcri, Ph.D., thinks otherwise. The associate professor of Italian said that the mental gymnastics required to understand the poetic texts provide students with a contemporary skillset.


Professor Explores How People’s Behavior
Can Influence the Outcome of Market Performance

When financial behemoths Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers went bankrupt in 2008, the entire U.S. financial sector shuddered, and, for a brief period, it seemed as if they might take down more institutions like them.
MFor Yi Tang, Ph.D., an assistant professor of finance and business economics in the Fordham Schools of Business, this was evidence that there is data that is not being explored to its full potential.




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