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“Occupy the Middle Ages”:
Medieval Scholar Champions a Peasant Revival

Maryanne Kowaleski, Ph.D., is at the helm of an “Occupy” movement.
MYou And although the oft-forgotten peasantry of medieval England—the “90 percent”—might not galvanize the protesters of Zuccotti Park, her “Occupy the Middle Ages” rally was well received among North American medievalists this spring.


Corporate Law Professor Moves with the
Speed of Business

When British bank HSBC admitted in December that it had illegally laundered $881 million for two drug cartels, the $1.2 billion it forfeited under a settlement with the U.S. government drew a lot of attention.
MBut for Sean J. Griffith, another facet of the settlement was equally interesting: an agreement to hire a compliance monitor.


Stephen Holler:
Influential Whispering

For Stephen Holler, Ph.D., finding the utility of physics beyond the classroom is a cornerstone of his teaching technique and, indeed, his entire career.




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