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Student Achievers: Faces in the Class of 2011

Nikolai Chowdhury
FCLC Student Has Startups on His Mind

Marni von Wilpert
Law Student Heads to Mississippi to
Advocate for Nation’s Poorest

Daniel Sawyer
Gabelli School Student Ready to
Hit the Ground Running

John Richards
Former Police Officer Goes to College

Danielle Spratt
Doctoral Student Finishes Fordham
with a Flourish

Father Apolinari J. Ngirwa
Priest Seeks to Integrate Western and
African Healing Techniques

Sue Gallagher-Ross
Beating Cancer Gives GSE Student
New Approach to Life and Work

Laila Shetty
Trip Back to School Triggers
Unexpected Career Change

Ian Laidlaw
GSS Student Advocates for
Social Work with Dignity

Visit the Young Alumni webpages to read about other members of the Class of 2011 who have enriched the greater Fordham community with their hard work, passion and dedication.



Stephanie Szempruch
Aspiring Physician Aims High

By Rachel Buttner

Take a look inside Stephanie Szempruch’s backpack, and you might find a copy of the Bill of Rights tucked between texts on physiology and animal behavior. Szempruch, a Fordham College at Rose Hill senior, is graduating with a degree in history and biology.

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