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Student Achievers: Faces in the Class of 2014

Meet a few of the exceptional students who make up the Class of 2014. These students represent the hard work, dedication, and passion that define a Fordham education.
Caitlin Waickman
GSAS Student Dedicated to NYC Housing Rights

Stephen Gan
Rose Hill Student Finds Meaning at the
Intersection of Biology and Classics

Bishop Anba Suriel
Addressing the Coptic Crisis through Education

Sally Winters
Coming Up Next: Law Student Goes from
Voiceovers to Litigations

Wilson Owuor
Teaching Math, a GSE Graduate Finds
Formula for Inspiration

Hawa Jalloh
GSS Graduate’s Challenging Journey

Naadia Chowdrury
FCLC Student’s Future Tied to Helping
Victims of Domestic Abuse

Adam King
West Point-Schooled Vet Transitions
to Wall Street

Andrew Kang
Gabelli Grad Has a Serious Headstart on Business

Visit the Young Alumni web pages to read about other members of the Class of 2014 who have enriched the greater Fordham community with their hard work, passion and dedication.



Rachel Sattler
From Ballet to Biomedical Engineering

When Rachel Sattler moved to New York as a 21-year-old dancer, she landed in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, well before the cappuccino machines had arrived. She shared a four-bedroom apartment with four roommates that were officially on the lease, though that number sometimes ballooned to 10 people “paying various forms of rent.”

“I was living the dream,” she said.

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