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Student Achievers: Faces in the Class of 2009

Tara Chaboda
GSE Student Adds Educational Prowess to Biological Knowledge

Chip Garner
Media Producer Cultivates Business Acumen at GBA

Anne Leiberman
FCLC Senior to Research Women in Muay Thai

Brian Pinter
Student Meets the Historical Jesus at GRE

Yoanny Lora
GSS Student Lives a Life of Service—
in the Classroom and Out

Ashley Hall and Anne Ozar.
GSAS Students’ Journeys of the Mind
Lead to the Heart

Paul Marks
Military Man Finds New Career at Law School

Winifred Grant
Lifelong Learner Turns to Books After Retirement

Jacob Jordan
Business Studies Open the Door to the
World for CBA Student

Paul Marks
Rose Hill Senior Travels Long Road to Commencement

By Chris Gosier

It was a tap on the shoulder and a one-word comment that brought a weighty lesson home to Dwayne Kelly: getting an education was going to be a lot of work.

He was a student at Westchester Community College, trying to come back from several years of neglecting school. His English teacher was handing back papers to students, giving comments as she went.

For him, she had just a tap on the shoulder, and one word: “whoah.”

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