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Fordham at Work: Marion Viray

Fordham At Work:
Marion Viray

Associate Director, Office of Career Services, Student Affairs

A year and a half

Marion helps direct the career services office at Lincoln Center, which provides career education, exploration, counseling, advice and assessment to students and alumni. The office runs one-on-one and group appointments, as well as panels, programs and workshops.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from San Diego State University and a graduate counseling psychology degree from New York University. He began his career as an academic adviser at Pace University before moving into career services there. He has also worked for LaGuardia Community College, Bloomberg and St. Vincent’s Hospital.

“Sometimes, students don’t understand what their values and interests really are. They don’t have a firm grasp on how their personality translates into the workplace. Through our programming, we’re able to help them understand that. They empower themselves to be successful individuals in the workplace and in their personal lives.”

“We’ve seen a greater volume of students recently, though we’re not sure if it’s necessarily the recession that’s causing it, or because our efforts have increased to make sure people know about our office and the services that are available.”

“There definitely has been an uptick in alumni interest because of the economy. The people who are coming in are mostly the ones who have graduated 20, 30 years ago. They are usually alumni who haven’t been laid off yet, but are very nervous and feel that they might be next. We took on a part-time adviser to handle the flow.”

“Fordham is definitely more collaborative than other workplaces. A lot of people are much more willing to roll up their sleeves and help each other out. I don’t know if it’s because it’s a Jesuit university, but there’s a sense that people want to give back to the community. I think that’s a fantastic organization to be a part of.”

“I like to play tennis and I like to travel. I also like to walk around the city because each section is so unique that you really can get distracted just from walking. You can walk a mile—20 blocks—and feel as if you’ve only walked a few blocks.”

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