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Organic Chemist Works to Perfect
Pollution-Eating Macromolecules

Under a microscope, a synthetic molecule known as a dendrimer looks somewhat like a snowflake—branching, symmetrical, each one uniquely constructed.
MMBut beauty, according to Amy Balija, Ph.D. is only part of its charm.


Plant Biologist Works to Support Biodiversity

Sometimes, a wingless insect that’s only slightly larger than the period at the end of this sentence is all it takes to throw an ecosystem out of whack.
MMTake the hemlock woolly adelgid. The insect, which is similar to an aphid, is ravaging Eastern hemlock forests by sucking nutrients from trees and simultaneously injecting them with a toxin against which they have no natural defense.
MMJames D. Lewis, Ph.D., associate professor of biology, said this has the potential to disrupt a lot more than just the life of one type of plant.


Sociologist Measures Patterns of
Father-Child Involvement

How does the contemporary American dad practice parenting?
MMMatthew Weinshenker, Ph.D., wants to know.
MMAccording to Weinshenker, assistant professor of sociology (and a father of two), measuring the nuances of male parenting styles can tell us a lot. His recent study, “Evening Dads, Couch Potatoes and Others,” sheds some light on those styles.



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