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History Professor Asserts the
Enduring Value of Agrarian Societies

Prior to the global economic crash of 2008, many nations faced a crisis of a different sort—a food crisis—brought on by a worldwide spike in the prices of commodities like corn, wheat, and rice. Haiti was one of the countries particularly hard hit. In the spring of that year, many Haitians starved even though they were surrounded by rice. Imported rice.
MFor Steven Stoll, Ph.D., associate professor of history, the situation was perplexing.



Literature Professor Exhumes
History of French Colonialism

The population of France is 60 million. The world population of French speakers, on the other hand, is roughly 260 million. So when studying the history of the French language, it behooves one to spread a net much wider than France itself.
MLise Schreier, Ph.D., associate professor of French, knows this well. Schreier’s research into the history of colonialism focuses on France, but also on Haiti, a country that financially supported a third of France’s population before it won its independence in 1804.



Theology Professor Traces Church Boundaries
Back to Ancient Africa

As an institution, the Catholic Church has boundaries.
MIn short, there are certain demarcations that make the church what it is.
But the question is, who determines what these are?
MAccording to Maureen Tilley, Ph.D., professor of theology and Augustine scholar, the boundaries that make the church what it is today date back more than 1,700 years.



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