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Fordham at Work: Sandy Vargas

Fordham At Work:
Sandy Vargas

Photo by Joseph McLaughlin

Executive Secretary, Student Affairs/ Office of Student Leadership and Community Development (OSL&CD), Lincoln Center

Five months

Sandy is the face of the office. She interfaces with students, faculty and anyone who needs assistance. She oversees the daily activities of the office, supports the dean of students at Lincoln Center, OSL&CD staff, and manages 14 student workers. She helps to coordinate budgets for more than 45 student clubs and organizations, ensuring that they are using their allocations appropriately.

After 24 years of service with JPMorgan Chase, Sandy left the company as a vice president of human resources marketing and communications. She decided to pursue one of her passions by operating her own business for three years.

“I came here as a student in the late 1970s and my husband received his graduate degree from Fordham. I expect to continue my studies here. I would also like to see my daughter come here and enjoy such a great school.”

“After so many mergers and acquisitions, the Corporate America culture was no longer appealing to me. I needed to try something different, so I opened my own interior decorating business. I learned many things from my experiences in the corporate world and as a business owner.”

“I love it. I love working with students and I love the energy. I love working with people who value higher education and value the effort and skills that you bring to the table. It’s busy and challenging, but you get a lot of support here.”

“I have lots to do when I get home. My 12-year-old daughter keeps me busy with schoolwork and her basketball schedule. I also take time out for my granddaughter. For my personal and spiritual growth, I am part of a women’s group that, over the past 20 years, has come together to plan and participate in spiritual activities, including a retreat each year in Vermont.”

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