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Clocks and Trees—Surreal Results on
Decision Making

Spend enough time with an economist and the word “elegant” is sure to pop up to describe a mathematical equation.
MDeveloping a simple mathematical design, however, isn’t always a pretty process, said associate professor of economics Duncan James, Ph.D.


Acculturation and Ambiguous Loss:
When What Is “Lost” Is Not Actually Gone

Rose M. Perez was 8 years old when her family left Cuba.
MShe remembers holding her mother’s hand as they marched with the line of travelers across the tarmac toward the plane. Suddenly her mother paused and looked upward, her expression stoic.


Lawyer’s Research Sits at Nexus of
Race and Ethics, Law and Health

Lady Justice is blind to prejudice. Unfortunately, the same cannot always be said when it comes to medicine and the law.
MKimani Paul-Emile, an associate professor of law, excavates these issues in her research and brings to light some challenging truths.




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Top Ten

January marks the birthday of Edgar Allen Poe, but it is also the month that annual Edgar® Award nominations are made for the best in crime writing. Fordham Professor of English Leonard Cassuto, Ph.D., himself an Edgar® nominee, shares his personal ten best hard-boiled crime novels.

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