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Grants and Gifts



WHO GAVE IT: The Agnes Varis Trust
HOW MUCH: $131,980
WHAT FOR: To support all live broadcasts, including music festival coverage, for calendar year 2013.


WHO GAVE IT: National Audubon Society
WHO GOT IT: J. Alan Clark, Ph.D. (Biology)
HOW MUCH: $15,000 for a four-week project
WHAT FOR: To track migrating bird movement through radar and acoustics in the city of Philadelphia before, during, and after an open-air light show.


WHO GAVE IT: Economic Social Research Council through University College, London
WHO GOT IT: Sophie Mitra, Ph.D. (Economics)
HOW MUCH: $64,176 over two years
WHAT FOR: To evaluate the effectiveness of two government social protection programs for the disabled in Vietnam.


WHO GAVE IT: Honora Ahern Grose, GBA ’84, and Madison Grose
WHO GOT IT: The Schools of Business
HOW MUCH: $1 million
WHAT FOR: To create the Grose Family Endowed Chair in Business.


WHO GAVE IT: New York City Council
WHO GOT IT: Bronx African-American History Project (BAAHP)
HOW MUCH: $21,500
WHAT FOR: Costs associated with the BAAHP’s 10th anniversary conference, a two-day event consisting of musical performances by Bronx artists.



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