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Professor’s Research Illuminated by the
Challenge of Citizenship

It wasn’t enough for Aimee Cox, Ph.D., to volunteer at a homeless shelter in Detroit, where she took notes for her research on how teenage girls there were coping with a broken system.
MCox, an assistant professor African and African American studies, ended up becoming the shelter’s director while she was still working on her doctorate at the University of Michigan.


Mathematician Creates Community for Abstract Thinkers

Christine Breiner, Ph.D., assistant professor of mathematics, attended Kenyon College as an undergraduate, a school known for its high-profile English department. Breiner chose to major in math.
MThe Kenyon mathematics community was small but close knit, and those years helped Breiner understand the importance of finding, connecting with, and communicating with like-minded mathematicians.


Recall and Reality:
Psychologist Parses the Experience of Memory

When you think of a memory, are you experiencing the memory from a first-person point of view, as you experienced the situation originally? Or do you see yourself from outside, as if watching yourself in a movie?
MKaren L. Siedlecki, Ph.D., asserts that a memory recalled in the third person is an inaccurately reconstructed memory.
M“Unless you had an out-of-body experience, if you can see yourself while you reconstruct a memory, it is essentially a false memory,” Siedlecki said.




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