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Fordham at Work: Margaret Tarnowsky


Fordham @ Work:
Margaret Tarnowsky

Photo by Angie Chen

Assistant to the Dean for Web Management, Graduate School of Education (GSE)

26 years

Margaret has primary responsibilities for managing the Graduate School of Education’s website. With IT’s assistance, she designs, edits and formats the site. She also is responsible for coordinating reviews of doctoral dissertations for format and publication.

After receiving her bachelor’s degree in fine arts from the City University of New York, Margaret started working part-time at the Student Information System at Fordham. After a year, she assumed a full-time position in the undergraduate dean’s office, where she helped manage the undergraduate honors program. She then worked for 10 years in the psychology department. Twelve years ago, she transferred to GSE.

“I started working at Fordham when there were no personal computers, only computer terminals called VT100s. They did not have easy word processing software such as Microsoft Word, but ran a text-editing program called Emacs, where you had to know program codes just to do simple things like underline text. It took a while just to write a page and send it, and there was no spell check. Today you just need a cell phone and two thumbs.”

“Even though it is a very large university and is recognized worldwide as a great institution, Fordham still has a vibrant community-based atmosphere. I have always enjoyed being part of this community and have especially appreciated the opportunity to be introduced to so many cultures and ideas.”

“Besides enjoying my grandchildren and family, I paint at home all the time, and I have a lot of canvases on the wall. And because of my husband’s hearing problems, he and I have been able to enjoy my accordion playing as well.”

—Angie Chen


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