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Professor Seeks Best Ways to
Communicate Organizational Change

WIn business, change is not only good, it is often the difference between success and failure. But for change to be effective, everyone from mid-level managers to front-line employees must be on board with the new plan.
MMThat is where Travis L. Russ, Ph.D., comes in. An assistant professor in the Schools of Business, Russ examines how leaders construct a vision for their companies and then communicate it to stakeholders.


Conflicting National Identity Is Part of Italy’s History

On March 17, Italy celebrates the 150th anniversary of its Risorgimento, or unification as a nation-state.
MMAccording to Silvana Patriarca, Ph.D., not every Italian citizen is overjoyed about it.


A New Way to Approach Homework
Found to Be Efficient and Effective

The academic landscape is rife with opposing scholarly viewpoints. The debate over whether homework is effective, however, is not one in which William B. Whitten II, Ph.D., cares to partake.
MMA distinguished research scholar in the Graduate School of Education, Whitten is interested in the science of homework.



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