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Fordham at Work: Grant Grastorf


Fordham At Work:
Grant Grastorf

Photo by Angie Chen

Academic Operational Administrator at Fordham Westchester

One year

Grant works with various departments, such as security, housekeeping, maintenance, marketing and enrollment, to ensure that they are functioning efficiently throughout campus.

“The most exciting thing that has happened to me here was the opening of the Westchester campus. We moved in about a week after I was hired. It was a brand new facility for Fordham, and I was helping people get settled while settling into it myself. We arrived with two weeks until classes began, so we were fine-tuning everything. It was very exciting to help open this campus.”

“When I come in, I check with maintenance and housekeeping to make sure the building is functioning properly. I make sure there are no issues with temperature, lights, locked rooms, food services or security. When students have questions about their class locations or about financial aid, I direct them to the appropriate resources. When events are planned, I provide for all the support that the staff may need, such as tables, decorations and publicity.”

“Since most of our students work full-time, they take classes in the evening or on weekends. Our busiest days are Saturdays; we probably have between 350 and 400 students on that day.”

“The faculty, administration and staff have all been very friendly, welcoming and professional. Fordham has a small-town feel even though it’s a big university. I worked at Yeshiva before coming here and commuted to the city every day. This was a totally different atmosphere, so it’s been a great change. My commute is only 15 minutes.”

“I belong to a bowling league, I play tennis and I swim. I’m currently learning how to play golf. I’ve been doing it for two years and it’s one of those games that no matter how long you do it, it’s always going be something you can’t quite master.”

—Angie Chen

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