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People In and Around Fordham


Famous Faces at Fordham

U2 invaded the Rose Hill campus on March 6, performing six songs on Edwards Parade before a crowd of 5,000 Fordham students, faculty and staff members. The “little combo from the north side of Dublin,” as Bono called the band, appeared as part of a broadcast of Good Morning America, which sent images of Fordham to a national audience
Photo by Joseph McLaughlin
Photo by Joseph McLaughlin

Photo by Bruce Gilbert

Ken Burns (left) and Bob Schieffer addressed the 2008 presidential election and other issues of the day during their appearance on Sept. 22 at Fordham.

Photo by Leo Sorel

Senior PBS correspondent Ray Suarez moderated a panel on Sept. 16 that focused on how religion played a part in the 2008 presidential election.

Photo by Michael Dames

On Jan. 15, Judy Woodruff, senior correspondent with The News Hour with Jim Lehrer, discussed international and domestic issues facing the Obama administration.

Photo by Janet Sassi

Pulitzer Prize-winning fiction writer Junot Diaz explained on April 15 to an audience on the Lincoln Center campus how his heritage and upbringing influence his work.

Photo by Bruce Gilbert

New York Gov. David Paterson said that education is the key to renewed prosperity in America in an address on March 6 at the annual Celebration of Teaching and Learning conference.

Photo by Ken Levinson

Newt Gingrich chronicled what he feels will be some of the major challenges facing the United States in a presentation to nearly 2,000 people on April 20..

Photo by Ryan Brenizer

Bolivian President Evo Morales visited Fordham’s Lincoln Center
campus on Nov. 17 to share the story of his unlikely rise from
poverty, and to promote his plans to help Bolivia’s indigenous poor.

Photo by Salem Krieger

Actor Sam Waterston discussed his iconic character, Assistant District Attorney Jack McCoy on Law and Order, at a Fordham Law forum on Nov. 19.

Photo by Chris Taggart

Academy Award-winning actor Richard Dreyfuss spoke about his passion for social issues and his acting career at a Fordham Law forum on March 26.

Photo courtesy of WE ACT for Environmental Justice

Lisa Jackson, head of the Environmental Protection Agency, told a standing-room-only crowd on Jan. 30 that her agency would work to regain the public’s trust. She said that the EPA will rely more on technical experts than it had under the Bush administration.

Photo by Ryan Brenizer

Dominican President Leonel Fernández (center) told more than 500 members of the Fordham community on Sept. 24 that he wants to make the Dominican Republic a model of democracy in the Latin American world.

Photo by Chris Taggart

New York Yankees broadcaster Michael Kay (FCRH ’82) reminisced with Director of Athletics Frank McLaughlin at a celebration on Feb. 5 honoring the 150th anniversary of baseball at Fordham.

Photo by Janet Sassi

Tony Award-winning actress and former Fordham student Julie White spoke to theatre students on Oct. 20 about different approaches to working in theatre, TV and film. .

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