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Fordham at Work: Kristal Gonsalves


Fordham At Work:
Kristal Gonsalves

Photo by Joseph McLaughlin

Coordinator, Beijing International MBA Program (BiMBA), Graduate School of Business Administration

A year and a half

Kristal is the bridge between Fordham and students in China who are pursuing a Fordham MBA degree at Peking University in Beijing. She keeps track of student records, monitors their academic progress and arranges travel between China and New York. Apart from BiMBA, she coordinates and administers GBA waiver exams, prepares class evaluations, assists with orientation and works with students generally to address their questions.

Before coming to Fordham, she worked in finance for nearly 10 years, most recently as an underwriter for a mortgage company.

“BiMBA students come here to take part in graduation—usually 110 out of the 140 who are eligible. They may go to West Point and take trips in and around Manhattan, and then they get ready for the ceremony. Some bring a spouse or come over with their children. It’s a big event.”

“Corporate America’s hustle and bustle and cutthroat atmosphere is very different from what I found here. But even in the financial industry, I always liked the idea of helping people. It was very enjoyable for me to help people buy a home. Here, with the students, I’ve found another outlet for those skills.”

“I’m getting my bachelor’s in communications through Fordham College of Liberal Studies. I started last fall, so I have a long way to go. I work full time and go to school two nights a week, which takes a lot to maintain and keep up. I plan to graduate at the same time my daughter does.”

“My daughter and my husband are the main focal points for me. When the weekends come around, I do errands and other activities with the family. That’s where most of my time goes. It’s definitely rewarding.”

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