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Inside Fordham Staff & Submission Deadlines


Staff and Submission Deadlines


Albert Checcio
Vice President for Development and University Relations

Executive Editor
Catherine S. Spencer
Assistant Vice President for Marketing and Communications

Bob Howe

Assistant Editor
Brian Kluepfel FCRH ’86

Staff Writers
Victor M. Inzunza
Janet Sassi

Contributing Writers
Peter Catapano, John DeSio FCRH ’00, Joe DiBari, George Drance, S.J., Jennifer Spencer, Ryan Stellabotte, Maja Tarateta

Contributing Photographers
Michael Dames, John DeSio (FCRH ’00), Vincent Dusovic, Bruce Gilbert, Ken Levinson, Chris Taggart

Published September through June by Development and University Relations, News and Media Relations Bureau, Fordham University, 888 7th Avenue, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10019. Editor: Bob Howe. Phone (212) 636-6538; fax (212) 765-2976; email:

Submission Deadline Cover Date

Wednesday, November 29
Friday, December 15

Wednesday, January 3
School Closed Dec. 22 through 31: Christmas
Friday, January 19

Tuesday, January 16 Friday, February 2

Monday, January 29 Friday, February 16

Tuesday, February 13 Friday, March 2

Monday, February 26 Friday, March 16

Monday, March 12 Friday, March 30

Wednesday, April 4
School Closed April 5 through 9: Easter
Friday, April 20

Monday, April 16 Friday, May 4

Monday, April 30
Special Commencement Issue
Friday, May 18

Monday, June 11 Friday, June 29

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