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November 27, 2006 • Volume 29, No. 4

Fordham Hosts “Autism and Advocacy:
A Conference of Witness and Hope”

Autism is a disorder that has many unknowns; although it is regarded by the medical community as one of five Pervasive Development Disorders (PDDs), individual manifestations vary. Genetic components and medical treatments have also proven hard to pin down. It often is a challenge for people defined as autistic to deal with society at large, and conversely for that larger world to accept them. How can we, as a society, respond to these persons and their caregivers in a compassionate and respectful way?

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Bill Moyers and the “L Word”:
Go Right Ahead

To those who might attack him as a “liberal” journalist, Bill Moyers has a taut response: Go right ahead. The longtime television reporter said that it isn’t a pleasure to be attacked by ideologues like Bill O’Reilly and Ann Coulter, but “what they call liberalism, I call good reporting.”

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Behind the Veil of the Poet: Elizabeth Bishop and Poets Out Loud

Vatican Astronomer Explains “What Happened to Pluto”

New Orleans Clergyman Urges Social Action and Service

Sapientia et Doctrina: Another Way of Knowing

Of Mice and Men: Exploring the Genetic Roots of Cancer

Fordham Professor Decries Media’s Role in Making War into Entertainment

Cultural Contextualist Receives Narrative Research Award

Families of Political Violence Strive for Peace, Justice, Forgiveness

Marymount Alumna Gives Back

Inside Fordham Staff and Submission Deadlines

New Walsh Scholarship Recipient Honored

Kira Bindrim, a Fordham College at Rose Hill senior, received the 2006-2007 Edward A. Walsh Scholarship at a luncheon in the President’s Dining Room, Lowenstein Center, on Oct. 25. Bindrim, a frequent contributor and editor of the Op-Ed page for The Ram, is the fifteenth recipient of the award, created by a group of Walsh’s former students, many of whom attended the event, as did former award recipients. The scholarship carries not only the name of the well-loved Rose Hill professor, but a significant award toward the winner’s tuition.

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