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January 19, 2007 • Volume 29, No. 6

The Accidental Author:
Ha Jin’s Literary Journey

Ha Jin is extolling the virtues of the life academic for poets and novelists. First and foremost, the National Book Award winner and Pulitzer Prize finalist tells the audience in McNally Amphitheatre, teaching provides a steady income.

“That’s very important,” he deadpans with a comedian’s timing. “For two years, I didn’t have a job; I didn’t teach. I realized that I began to think about how to sell books. That means you become a victim of the tyranny of the book market.

“That’s worse than teaching.”

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Vatican Astronomer: ‘Big Science’ and
‘Big Religion’ at Peace

Brother Guy Consolmagno, S.J., knows a thing or two about heaven and Earth.

An astronomer by training with two degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a Jesuit for nearly two decades, he has merged faith and science without a second thought. For Brother Consolmagno, who delivered the annual Loyola Chair lecture at the Walsh Library on Nov. 14, the notion that religion and science are at war with each other is a false pretense.

To him, both are a search for truth.

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Cardinal Dulles: Ignatian Charism Still Relevant

Appellate Judge Troubled by “Insidious” if Well-Intended Bias on Bench

Are Catholic Teens Straying from the Flock?

Elections Official Calls 2006 Vote a “Success”

Social Justice in Darfur: Act Now, Says Fordham Professor

Tech Tips: Creating a Group Calendar in Lotus Notes

Sperber Prize Winner Lauds Honesty of Opinion Journals

Sapientia et Doctrina: The Mad Scientist

A Jesuit Gives Voice to Peace Activists in the Holy Land

On the Cosmos and Chemistry: Understanding the Solar System’s Earliest Days

Forgotten Founder of Irish Free State Profiled in New Book

Senior Fellow Appointed at Humanitarian Institute

Inside Fordham Staff and Submission Deadlines

Hardball College Tour with Tom Brokaw Broadcast Live from Rose Hill

MSNBC Hardball College Tour was broadcast live in front of a wildly enthusiastic student audience from the Leonard Theatre at Fordham Preparatory School on Monday, Dec. 4. The show led with the war in Iraq: calling the Iraqi Study Group’s brief to develop viable options for the war in Iraq a “close to impossible job,” special guest Tom Brokaw said “the choices are not easy in Iraq, and the president has made it clear that he has his own continuing strong ideas about what he thinks ought to be done there. I don’t think the country should expect…a magic bullet.”

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