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February 16, 2007 • Volume 29, No. 8

CBA Establishes Entrepreneurship
Concentration for Undergraduates

Fordham University’s College of Business Administration (CBA) has launched an undergraduate entrepreneurship concentration that will allow students to develop detailed plans for starting their own businesses and will focus on sustainable development.

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Former Attorney General Opposes Net Neutrality
Regulation of Broadband Services

Net neutrality legislation to regulate broadband Internet services will stifle investment and innovation that over the past decade has provided Americans unprecedented speed and access to the Internet, said former U.S. Attorney General William Barr, executive vice president and general counsel for Verizon, in a speech at Fordham Law School on Jan. 16.

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Rose Hill Senior Explores South Africa’s AIDS Crisis

Philosophy Colloquium Honors Father Clarke

GRE Convocation: Christ as First Non-Dualistic Teacher

Finnegan: Post 9/11 Press Lost Its Punch

Professor Sees Swarm Smarts in Honeybees

New York’s Shaky Legacy Traced to Rose Hill Underground

Panel Discusses the Immorality of Torture

Sapientia et Doctrina: Cura Personalis: A Patron Saint

Town Bee, Country Bee: Calder Entomologist
Studies Urban, Suburban Insects

Cellular Communication: Unraveling the Secrets of Histone Proteins

On Economics and Enterprise: Improving Microfinance in the Developing World

Inside Fordham Staff and Submission Deadlines

Religion and Art:
Allies or Adversaries?

Disagreements between the world of art and religion are hardly new. The Hebrew Bible forbids the worship of graven images; Christians destroyed many icons in the Orthodox East (the destruction of such images is the root of the word iconoclast, or “image breaker”). In Islam’s Hadith, a collection of the sayings of the prophet Mohammed, painters are threatened with harsh punishment on judgment day.

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