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People In and Around Fordham


Patricia Brownell, Ph.D., GSS.
assistant professor in the Graduate School of Social Service, was named a fellow of the Gerontological Society of America on June 9. The society is the oldest and largest national scientific organization devoted to research and education in aging.

Elaine Congress, D.S.W., GSS,
professor and associate dean of the Graduate School of Social Service (GSS) delivered a lecture, "Indigenous People in a Landscape of Risk: Response of the Social Work Community," at the fourth session of the U.N. Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, held at U.N. Headquarters on May 24. She co-edited the book Multicultural Perspectives in Working With Families (Springer, 2005), with Manny Gonzalez, D.S.W., associate professor in the GSS. In addition, she was elected to serve on the national board for the National Association of Social Workers, a professional social work organization with more than 150,000 members.

Albert N. Greco, Ed.D., BUS,
professor of marketing, communications and media management, presented a paper, "Book Industry Projections: 2004-2005," to the Book Industry Study Group in New York on May 16. The paper was co-authored by Robert M. Wharton, Ph.D., area chair and professor of management systems in the Schools of Business. Greco also presented a paper, "Making Market Research Pay," to the Book Expo Club in New York on June 2.

Paul Levinson, Ph.D., A&S,
Professor and chair of the communication and media studies department, delivered the keynote address, “The Flouting of the First Amendment,” at the Sixth Annual Convention of the Media Ecology Association held June 23 on the Lincoln Center campus.

Robert. M. Wharton, Ph.D., BUS,
area chair and professor of management systems in the Schools of Business, presented the paper, “Organizational Choice in the U.S. Book Publishing Industry: Strategies for Domestic Success and Global Competitiveness,” co-authored with Albert Greco, Ed.D., professor of marketing/communications and media management in the Schools of Business, at the University of Cambridge on April 14.

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