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Abraham Abramovsky, J.S.D., professor of law, LAW
“U.S. Had Doubts About Lesser Case Against Terror Suspects,” The New York Times, May 13
“Prosecutors Examine Approach in Murder Cases After 'Payne,'” New York Law Journal, May 23
“Organized Crime Control Act: Defending Changes Versus Attorneys,” New York Law Journal, July 7

Paul Baard, Ph.D., clinical associate professor of communications and media management, BUS
“Remember That it's Just a Game,” The Arizona Republic, May 25

Christopher R. Blake, Ph.D., associate professor of finance, BUS
“More Diverse Choices Urged for 401(k)'s,” Chicago Tribune, May 1
“Give Me Liberty,” San Jose Mercury News, May 29

Matthew P. Bromme, vice chair of school administration and supervision and clinical instructor, GSE
“At Top Gainer Region 5, Educators Like to 'Think 20 Steps Ahead,'” The New York Sun, June 3

David A. Burney, Ph.D., associate professor of biological sciences, A&S
“Ancient Kauai Fishpond on the Market for $12 Million,” Associated Press, June 4

Mark L. Caldwell, Ph.D., professor of English, A&S
“The Nullification of 'No,'” The New York Times, July 3

Richard Carnell, J.D., associate professor of law, LAW
"An Old Hand with 'the Free-Market Gene,'" American Banker, May 3

James A. Cohen, J.D., associate professor of law and director of clinical education and external affairs, LAW
“Jackson Acquittal Means Victory for Law His Team Feared,” ABC News, June 16
“Former Tyco Executives Found Guilty 22 Times,” St. Petersburg Times (Fla.), June 17
“Losing a 'Swing Vote,'” Newsday, July 2

Avery Cardinal Dulles, S.J., Laurence J. McGinley Professor of Religion and Society, A&S
“Right Choice,” Catholic New York, May

John P. Entelis, Ph.D., professor of political science and director of the Middle East Studies Program, A&S
"The Casbah Connection,", May 2

Richard C. Falco, Ph.D., medical entomologist at the Louis Calder Center Biological Field Station, A&S
“Infested Host Not Key to West Nile's Spread,” Associated Press Supreme Court, June 7
“Repellent Debate Causes Buzz at Reilly Industries,” Indianapolis Business Journal, June 18

Carl Felsenfeld, J.D., professor of law, LAW
“Ore. Parishes Battle to Keep Assets,”, May 8

Celia B. Fisher, Ph.D., director of the Center for Ethics Education and professor of psychology, A&S
“So Noted,” The Washington Post, June 20

Jennifer Gordon, J.D., associate professor of law, LAW
“Legal Limbo,” New York Law Journal, July 1

Albert N. Greco, Ed.D., professor of marketing/communications and media management, BUS
“Book Sales Drop But Prices Increase, ” Associated Press, May 16
“BISG Trend Report Sees Industry Growth,” The Book Standard, May 16
“School, Religion, Bright Spots,”, May 23
“A Test of Publisher's Faith: Authors of Religious Books Earning Substantial Deals,”, May 29
“Expo Week Arrives, and Books Are Back,” The New York Times, June 2
“Quest for Best Seller Creates a Pileup of Returned Books,” The Wall Street Journal, June 3
“Paperback Pubs Plot Twist,” Crain's New York Business, June 13
“Worship Moving Beyond Hymnals,” Tennessean (Nashville, Tenn.), June 20
“You're Reading… What?,” The Wall Street Journal, June 24

Bruce Green, J.D., Louis Stein Professor of Law and director of the Louis Stein Center for Law and Ethics, LAW
“Morgan Stanley Gets a Lesson On Lawyers and the Law,” The New York Times, May 17
“Legal Limbo,” New York Law Journal, July 1

Elizabeth Johnson, C.S.J., Ph.D., professor of theology, A&S
“Vatican Draws Lines in Sand,” Newsday (N.Y.), May 16

Joseph W. Koterski, S.J., Ph.D., associate professor and chair of the philosophy department, A&S
“Editor's Dismissal Has U.S. Catholics Feeling the Heat of Papal Scrutiny,” The New York Times, May 16

Thomas H. Lee, J.D., associate professor of law, LAW
“Rehnquist on Losing End of Rights Cases,” Associated Press, June 8

Paul Levinson, Ph.D., chair and professor of communications and media studies, A&S
“Namath Goes Long for Jets Stadium,” Newsday (NY), May 10
“Everybody Saying Goodbye to 'Raymond' on CBS,” ABC News, May 12
“You Have to Check Your Sources,” (Toronto), May 17
“Even a Few Sentences Can Have a Huge Effect,” USA Today, May 17
“The Bands Time Forgot,” Daily News (N.Y.), June 3
“Singer Has Some Chance of Comeback,” Atlanta Journal-Constitution, June 14
“Experts: Jackson Could Make a Comeback,” Associated Press, June 14
“From King to Pauper"” Daily News (N.Y.), June 14
“Winning Mainstream Fans Back May Be Tough,” Rocky Mountain News (Denver, Colo.), June 14
“Wall Street,” Associated Press, June 15
“Musical Thriller: Can Pop Icon Come Back?” Newsday (N.Y.), June 18
“Editor Quits Over Story Attributions,” Newsday (N.Y.), June 18
“Crime Could Pay for Blackwell,” The Columbus Dispatch (Ohio), June 21
“Magazine Will Give Reporter's Notes to Judge,” USA Today, July 1
“Just a Minute, Boss. My Cell Phone is Ringing.” The New York Times, July 7

Michael M. Martin, J.D., distinguished professor of law, LAW
“Exploring Medical Malpractice Issues,” New York Law Journal, June 10

Mark S. Massa, S.J., Ph.D., professor of theology and co-director of the Francis and Ann Curran Center for American Catholic Studies, A&S
“Vatican Is Said to Force Jesuit Off Magazine,” The New York Times, May 7

Thomas McCourt, Ph.D., assistant professor of communication and media studies, A&S
“On Public TV, a Repeat of Conservative Pressure,” The Sun (Baltimore, Md.), May 22

Dean McKay, Ph.D., assistant professor of psychology, A&S
“Self-Injuring Teens Walk the Razor's Edge,” The Monitor (McAllen, Texas), May 23

Mark D. Naison, Ph.D., professor of African-American studies and director of the Urban Studies Program, A&S
“The Cultural Revolutionary,” The New York Times, May 29
“Great American,” CNBC, June 17

Philip Napoli, Ph.D., director of the Donald McGannon Communication Research Center and associate professor of communications and media management, BUS
“Sinclair Sells its Stake in the Automotive Company,” The Baltimore Sun June 7
“Appeals Court Media Ruling Is Left Standing,” The Baltimore Sun, June 14

Gordan R. Plague, Ph.D., assistant professor of biological sciences, A&S
“Scientists Take to the Banks,” The Journal News (N.Y.), June 11

Daniel Richman, J.D., professor of law, LAW
“Ex-Professor, 3 Others Face Terrorism Trial,” Los Angeles Times, June 6
“N.Y. Broker Acquitted in Spitzer Case,” The Washington Post, June 10

Peter Steinfels, co-director of the Fordham Center on Religion and Culture, A&S
“Inside Straight: A Weekend with The New York Times' Peter Steinfels,” Boston College Magazine, Winter 2005

J. Francis Stroud, S.J., director of Anthony de Mello Spirituality Center, A&S
“Religion,” Publishers Weekly, June 13

Steven Thel, J.D., I. Maurice Wormser Professor of Law, LAW
“Did AIG Chief Order Late Trade?” The Wall Street Journal, May 11
“Experts Say Watchdog May Show Fewer Teeth,” Chicago Tribune, June 3
“Accountability Iffy on Foreign Revenue,” Newsday (N.Y.), June 13
“Perspectives,” Newsweek, June 20

Benjamin Zipursky, J.D., professor of law, LAW
“Vioxx Lawsuit Set to Go to Trial in Texas,” Associated Press, June 27

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