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November 2004 • Volume 27, No. 3MM

Election Inspection

Professors from Fordham and Boston College discussed and debated the hot-button issues that will likely dominate the President’s second term, including nominations to the Supreme Court, the economy and foreign-policy strategies to keep America safe.

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Investing in the Future

Increasing the number of endowed chairs is a stated objective in the University’s strategic development plan, and the commitment to faculty development is already being felt throughout the University.

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The University’s strategic-planning process is in full swing.

Fordham School of Law awards the prestigious Stein prize.

Renowned playwright and director Ratan Thiyam discusses his work.

Social and political commentator Andrew Sullivan makes a case for friendship.

GSS conference introduces Marymount students and faculty to a groundbreaking therapeutic model.

Competition for television ratings is changing news programming.

Sports networks are becoming more powerful.

One Church,
Many Cultures

The legacy of Joseph P. Fitzpatrick, S.J., was explored and celebrated during a daylong symposium on diversity and the Catholic Church.

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