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People In and Around Fordham


Babette E. Babich, Ph.D., A&S,
professor of philosophy, received the first Nietzsche Fellowship presented to a non-German scholar by the Kolleg Friedrich Nietzsche. On receiving the fellowship in December, she offered two lectures, “Eros und Kunst: Nietzsche’s Künstler als Schauspieler —Jude—Frau” and “Fröhliche Wissenschaft: Musik, Worte, und Amor fati,” as part of a series of four lectures for the Stiftung Weimar Kulturklassik. She also lectured on Heideggar and politics at the Ludwig-Maximillians University in Munich and at the University of Halle.

Doron Ben-Atar, Ph.D., A&S,
professor of history, was a keynote speaker at a conference on intellectual property sponsored by the Center for the Study of Developing Societies at Delhi titled, “Contested Commons/Trespassing Publics,” from Jan. 6 to 8. On Jan. 7, he delivered a lecture, “Intellectual Piracy and the Making of America.” His new book, Trade Secrets: Intellectual Piracy and the Origins of American Industrial Power (Yale University Press, 2004), was featured in the February issue of Businessworld, the leading weekly business magazine in India.

Anie Kalayjian, Ed.D., A&S,
visiting assistant professor of psychology, served as co-chair of the panel discussion, “Human Rights Education: Best Practices,” on Jan. 20 at United Nations headquarters in New York.

Paul Levinson, Ph.D., A&S,
professor and chair of the communication and media studies department, was the guest of honor at “Chattacon,” an annual science-fiction convention held in Chattanooga, Tenn. At this year’s convention, held from Jan. 21 to 23, he delivered a series of lectures, read from his novels and discussed the importance of science fiction in our society. Also, the 2005 First Amendment Calendar, published annually for the past 15 years by the Freedom Forum, has a quote from him on the Jan. 9 page. Each page of the calendar has a quote defending or explicating a freedom guaranteed by the First Amendment. Other notable people quoted include Edward R. Murrow, Henry David Thoreau and Gandhi.

Mark Naison, Ph.D., A&S,
director of Urban Studies Program and professor of African American studies and history, delivered a lecture, “Martin Luther King, Jr.’s, Legacy, Civil Rights in 2005—Where Do We Go From Here?” at the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture on Jan. 16.

Philip M. Napoli, Ph.D., BUS,
associate professor of communication and media management and director of the Donald McGannon Communication Research Center, delivered a presentation on measuring viewpoint diversity in local media markets to the Center for American Progress in December 2004. He also published a review of the book, Media Diversity and Localism: Economics, Ownership, and the FCC in the winter 2005 issue of the Journal of Media Economics. In January, the McGannon Center hosted a symposium on “Democratic Principles for Communications Policy in the 21st Century,” which featured more than 30 communications policy scholars from around the country.

Aristotle Papanikolaou, Ph.D., A&S,
assistant professor of theology, published “Is John Zizioulas an Extremist in Disguise?: Response to Lucian Turcescu,” in Modern Theology 20:4 (Blackwell Publishing, 2004). He was invited to be one of six presenters at the International Symposium on Human Agency and Christianity in Athens, Greece, on June 4, 2004, where he presented the paper “Liberating Eros: Confession, Human Agency, and Desire.” He presented a revised version of the paper at the annual meeting of the Society of Christian Ethics on Jan. 7.

Michael Tueth, S.J., A&S,
associate professor of communication and media studies, published the book, Laughter in the Living Room: Television Comedy and the American Home Audience (Peter Lang Publishers, 2004).

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