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Professor Speaks on Aging in Colombia


Fordham Professor Speaks in Colombia at Conference on Aging

Patricia Brownell, Ph.D., assistant professor in the Graduate School of Social Service, spoke at the International Forum for the Quality of Life of Older Adults in May in Bogotá, Colombia.

During the forum, Brownell, who serves as a United Nations representative to the International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse and is a member of the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Committee on Aging, presented the Madrid International Plan of Action on Aging, an international report that has guided the course of thinking and action on aging over the past 20 years, as crucial policies and initiatives have evolved. The 2002 plan calls for changes in attitudes, policies and practices at all levels and in all sectors. Brownell also presented her own research on elder abuse in the United States.

The conference allows members of the international community of NGOs, gerontologists, human rights advocates and government officials to discuss opportunities for healthy and successful aging, the promotion of the human rights of older adults, and the prevention of elder abuse and mistreatment.

— John Blakeley

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