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Abraham Abramovksy, J.S.D., professor of law, LAW
“Opening the Prison Doors: Credit for Out-of-State Pretrial Detention,” New York Law Journal, May 7

John Beam
, executive director of the National Center for Schools and Communities, GSS
“History Lesson of Troubled Era,” Newsday, June 28
“More Help, But Reading Scores Still Fall,” Newsday, June 18
“We Are the Parents. Is Anyone Listening?” The Christian Science Monitor, June 1

John Carroll, director of security services
“Degree in Security,” Daily News, May 16

James Cohen, J.D., associate professor of law and director of clinical education, LAW
“Cops: Witness Wasn’t Hidden,” The Sacramento Bee, June 26
“Accusation Unlikely to Affect Conviction,” Bloomberg, June 25
“Police Say So-Called Missing Details Provided to Peterson Defense,” Associated Press, June 25
“Stewart Formally Requests New Trial,” National Post (Canada), June 11
“Martha Stewart Asks Judge to Toss Out Conviction,” Bloomberg, June 10
“Bryant Prosecution Team Underwhelms Experts,” Rocky Mountain News, June 3

Bruce S. Cooper, Ph.D., professor and chair of the Division of Educational Leadership, Administration and Policy, GSE
“School Board in the Hot Seat Over Roslyn’s Lost Funds,” The New York Times, June 6

John Cosgrove, Ph.D., associate dean and director of special projects, GSS
“Immigration Reform Affects All 'Americans,” Nosotros, February issue

Roslyn Chernesky, DSW, professor of social work; and Irene Gutheil, DSE, director of the Ravazzin Center for Social Work Research in Aging, GSS
“Visiting Professors Hope Study on Aging Will Bring Benefits for Island’s Seniors,” The Royal Gazette, June 18

Thomas Daniels, Ph.D., research associate professor for the Louis Calder Center, A&S
“Rift Valley Fever Could Pose Another Mosquito-Borne Threat,” Channel 8 Indianapolis (website), June 30

Everett Dennis, Ph.D., distinguished visiting professor of communication and area chair of communication and media management, BUS
“College Hosts Rogers Event,” Herald Standard, May 16

Deborah Denno, Ph.D., J.D., professor of law, LAW
“Assessing a Gruesome Toll: After a Rash of Beheadings” The New York Times, June 24
“Officials Deny Justice by Refusing to Apologize Over 9/11,” The Star-Ledger, May 24
“Analysis: Okla. Clemency Impact Unclear,” United Press International (UPI), May 14

Tom DeLuca, Ph.D., associate professor of political science and director of social science program, A&S
“Bush Still Fighting Negative Ratings on Economy,” Reuters, June 16

Avery Cardinal Dulles, S.J., Lawrence J. McGinley Chair of Religion and Society, A&S
“Critical Faculties,” The Boston Globe, June 20
“Victims’ Advocates Call on Catholic Bishops to Open Retreat,” Associated Press, June 11

John D. Feerick, J.D., professor of law, LAW
“Court-Appointed Panel Is Critical of Courts,” Newsday, June 30
“Public Financing Proposed for State Judicial Elections,” The New York Times, June 30
“Panel Urges Changes in Judicial Elections,” The Buffalo News, June 30
“Money Talks in Poll on Judges,” Daily News, June 30

Jill Fisch, J.D., professor of law, LAW
“Focus on Leaders of Phoenix Trucking Giant,” Arizona Republic, June 5
“Grasso Suit No Slam Dunk, Experts Say,” St. Petersburg Times, June 1
“Grasso Suit Not Cut and Dried Case,” Los Angeles Times, May 31
“Class-Action Titans Ready to Clash,” Crain’s New York Business, May 17
“Lawyers Reap Rewards,” Newsday, May 11
“Citigroup to Pay $2.6 Billion in WorldCom Suit,” Newsday, May 11
“Citigroup’s WorldCom Pact May Force Banks’ Hands,” Reuters, May 10

Celia Fisher, Ph.D., director of the Center for Ethics Education, A&S
“New HHS Research Committee Plans to Clarify and Define Some Regulations,”, May 19

James Fisher, Ph.D., co-director of the Center for American Catholic Studies, A&S
“Boston Plans Biggest U.S. Catholic Church Closing,” Reuters, May 25
“Dwindling Congregations in Churches Once Filled,” The New York Times, May 23

Martin Flaherty, J.D., professor of law and co-director of the Joseph R. Crowley Program in International Human Rights, LAW
“Pentagon Eyes Hearings for Detainees,” The Boston Globe, June 30
“Legal Scholars Criticize Memos on Torture,” The New York Times, June 25

Albert Greco, Ed.D., associate professor of communications and media management, BUS
“Book Sales Had Big Drop in 2003,” Associated Press, May 15

Bruce Green, J.D., Louis Stein Professor of Law, LAW
“’Plea Shows Justice Isn’t Always a Bargain,” Philadelphia Daily News, June 17
“Immigrant Fights to Practice Law,” Democrat and Chronicle, May 19
“Suttell’s Ties to DiPrete Spark Debate Among Legal Scholars,” The Providence Journal, May 9
“Quattrone Brief Details Strategy Ready for Appeal,” The Wall Street Journal, May 5

Abner Greene, J.D., professor of law, LAW
“Pledge Plaintiff Pledges New Challenge,” American Bar Association Journal, June 18

Robert Himmelberg, Ph.D., professor of history, A&S
“America’s Finest Hour: D-day,” New York Post, June 4

Kevin T. Jackson, Ph.D., associate professor of business ethics, BUS
“Truth Tellers,” American Executive, June 2004
“IBD’s 10 Secrets to Success,” Investor’s Business Daily, May 6

Elizabeth Johnson, C.S.J., Ph.D., distinguished professor of theology, A&S
“Speaker Says Concern for Environment Important Issue for Christianity,”, May 12

Nicholas Johnson, J.D., associate professor of law, LAW
“Guns Like Abortion Are a Matter of Choice,” USA Today, May 6

Anie Kalayjian, Ph.D., visiting associate professor of psychology, A&S
Discussed the psychological impact of hearing recordings of downed 9/11 planes, CNN, May 15

Paul Levinson, Ph.D., chair and professor of communications and media studies, A&S
“The Plan: All Bill, All the Time,” USA Today, June 22
“Lost Time,” New York Post, June 21
“‘Full’ Circle,” New York Post, June 16
“Reality TV FAQ,” USA Today, June 11
“Networks Scramble to Cover Death,” Newsday, June 6
“Reaction to Grisly Killing,” The Journal News, May 13
Discussed his new book “Cell Phones: The Story of the World's Most Mobile Medium, and How It Has Transformed Everything,” Talk of the Nation, National Public Radio, May 12
Discussed the affect of Iraqi prisoner abuse photos on Rumsfeld, UPN Channel 9, May 5

Thomas Lee, J.D., associate professor of law, LAW
“U.S. Names Tribunal to Preside Over First Trials at Guantanamo,” Associated Press, June 30
“Ruling Could Muffle Bush Critics on Key Political Issue,” Chicago Tribune, June 29

Mark Massa, S.J., Th.D., professor of theology and co-director of American Catholic Studies Center, A&S
“Catholic Church Must Retain, Protect Its Public Voice, Priest Says,” Catholic News, June 8
“Communion Issue Creates Split Among U.S. Bishops,” The New York Times, June 6
“Faith in Print,” The Star-Ledger, May 23

Diana Negroponte, professor of history, A&S
“Ambassador With Big Portfolio,” The Washington Post, June 21

Chaya Piotrkowski, M.S.W., professor, GSS
Discussed sickness at work and job changes, CBS 2 News This Morning, May 6

Daniel Richman, J.D., professor of law, LAW
Discussed Martha Stewart defense team strategy to win new trial, WABC Ch. 7, May 24

Clara E. Rodriguez, Ph.D., professor of sociology, A&S
“Hollywood Heroes,” The Sacramento Bee, May 16

Thane Rosenbaum, J.D., professor of law, LAW
“Judge’s Memo Displays Heat of the Debate on Restitution,” Forward, June 25
“Draft All Barlows,” New York Law Journal, June 16
“Officials Deny Justice by Refusing to Apologize Over 9/11,” The Star-Ledger, May 24
“First, We Kill All the Lawyers; Then We Heal,” The Miami Herald, May 23
“Filing a Heartfelt Appeal Against the Legal System,” The New York Times, May 15
“Passions Flare at Swiss Banks Hearing,” Forward, May 7

Barry Rosenfeld, Ph.D., associate professor of psychology, A&S
“Assisted Suicide and the Right to Die: The Interface of Social Science, Public Policy, and Medical Ethics,” American Psychological Association, May 2004

Julianne Welby, news director, WFUV
“Pilot’s Heroic Effort,” Newsday, May 6

Benjamin Zipursky, J.D., professor of law, LAW
“HMOs Welcome Court Ruling,” The Washington Post, June 22
“9 Turn to Right in Two Decisions Closely Watched,” The New York Sun, June 22

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